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eMoneyFlow Prepaid Card

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Paying people has never been simpler and more affordable

Paying staff, content providers, and affiliates in cash, by bank wires, or while mailing out paper cheques is a rather expensive and impractical approach.

eMoneyFlow offers a secure and cost-effective Prepaid Mastercard Payout Tool which assists Program Manager in rendering real-time payouts in various jurisdictions.

Your Advantages

  • Instant payouts

  • Cost effective bank transfer
  • Alternative payment option – spreading your risks

  • Easy to use payout tool

  • Funds protected by the UK Financial Conduct Authority

Offered Features

  • MasterCard Prepaid Solution

  • Multiple currencies offered – GBP, EUR & USD

  • Funds protected by the UK Financial Conduct Authority

  • Global card acceptance

  • Worldwide ATM withdrawal

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