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Notification for our EU customers


And… we’re back!

We’re extremely pleased to report that the FCA have now given written consent for eMoneyFlow/Wirecard UK to resume regulated activity meaning that we can get services up and running. This confirms that all finances have been examined and it has been recognised by the FCA that eMoneyFlowWirecard in the UK has been operating in accordance with its regulations and all funds are intact as expected. There are some continued conditions set by the FCA which should not impact further operations.

Find the full FCA article here

The restriction on activities were lifted from 00.01 on 30 June 2020 and services are being restored.

Cards have now been reactivated.
Company floats may again be loaded.
Cards may be loaded as before.

We have been advised that all cards will be able to spend later this morning. If this changes we will let you know. It is possible that not all merchants (shops and ATMs) will be enabled straight away as the card data has to be re-populated through the Mastercard® network. Please note, that if cards don’t work at a particular merchant, this should just be temporary and they’ll be re-enabled soon.

This is great news but we want to assure you that we take this situation and the impact even just a few days outage has had on our customers and cardholders very seriously and we will continue to look at ensuring there is further resilience built into our operations.

Please expect further updates from us on both the Wirecard restart and future developments we are working on. On behalf of the entire eMoneyFlow/B4B Payments team we thank you for your patience and understanding

Update 26/06/2020

eMoneyFlow/B4B Payments have been informed by the FCA that all cardholder activity on cards issued by Wirecard Card Solutions have been temporarily frozen until further notice.

In the short term, this means that effective immediately cards may not currently be used for either load or spend transactions. We are aware that the FCA and Wirecard are working productively to resolve the situation as quickly as possible and it is our hope that this will be resolved early next week.

On behalf of the team at eMoneyFlow/B4B Payments, we would like to apologize to all our clients and cardholders for the disruption this may cause and are doing everything we can to ensure operations get back on track as soon as possible. At this time, we would suggest not making any further float loads until we have spoken further with the FCA about next steps. We would remind and reassure you that all funds are safeguarded under FCA rules.

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eMoneyFlow is the payout service division of Processing Partners Inc. an internationally operating Payment Service Provider (PSP). As of now, eMoneyFlow services the jurisdictions of Europe (EEA), USA, Columbia and Mexico. We enable clients to transfer funds via direct bank transfer or instand deposits to a pre-paid debit card. Payouts are available on a B2C / B2B level.

eMoneyFlow is assisting businesses in transferring funds in a simple and affordable manner, when paying advertisers, affiliates or content providers in different jurisdictions. Take advantage of our easy to use admin interfaces or an API connect to manage your daily payouts.

It is our mission to provide inexpensive means of payment when transferring funds on an international level!


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eMoneyFlow is a service of Processing Partners.
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